• The Gesneriad Society: (Formerly the American Gloxinia and Gesneriad Society) This site has just about everything that you could ever want. It has links to every site related to gesneriads and has a photo gallery, message corner, gesneriad culture ideas, plant registration and much more. The Gesneriad Society (formerly AGGS) also hosts an annual convention in various regions, be sure to check it out. Make this a regular site to visit.

  • Gesneriad Reference Web: The new Gesneriad Reference Web builds upon the long-standing original GRW and has been crafted to provide the very best source of online information about the Gesneriaceae. It’s easy to use, beautiful to see​,​ and indispensable for anyone interested in learning more about our wonderful plant family and seeing beautiful pictures of beautiful plants. 

  • Gesneriphiles: A very interesting interactive site to ask questions, offer solutions, or just lurk. Participants on the mailing list range from beginners to experienced academic botanists and hybridizers. Go to this site for information:

  • African Violet Society of America: AVSA is the connecting place for people around the globe whose common interest is one amazing plant - the African violet.  This fascinating plant, hailed as “America’s Favorite Houseplant,” provides color and beauty in the home all year long.  As a non-profit, educational organization, AVSA is dedicated to helping African violet enthusiasts successfully grow, show, propagate, and hybridize these beautiful plants.

  • African Violet Society of Canada: Devoted to the growing and showing of the world's most popular house plant. There are local clubs or societies across Canada for African violet lovers to join. Their magazine Chatter appears four times a year and presents articles on growing and showing African violets and their relatives in the gesneriad plant family. Visit this site for extensive information:

Toronto area African Violet Societies

  • Lakeshore African Violet Society:
    The Lakeshore African Violet Society (Lakeshore AVS for short) is a society or club of African violet fans, growers and exhibitors who live, for the most part, in the western areas of the City of Toronto. However, we have members from other parts of Toronto and the surrounding Province of Ontario. We also have some members from considerable distances in other provinces of Canada and the United States as well. Visit this site for information:

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